Christopher Trotter is a Nationally Recognized Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, and Life Coach. Based out of Pennsylvania, Chris helps people improve their lives with his psychic gifts. In his honest, down-to-earth style, he accurately provides past, present and future psychic insight on family, finances, relationships, business, and life’s challenges. He specifically focuses on each individuals soul energy, working with others to remove negativity from their lives. Christopher's readings continuously prove to be an empowering, gentle and loving experience with a touch of humor! He is also gifted with the ability to communicate with the other side, guiding his clients with proven evidential messages from those who have passed on.

Chris is Nationally recognized as one of the most accurate Psychic Mediums, appearing in 14 states across America before age 21. Rapidly growing in popularity, Christopher's personality and "tell it like it is" approach has touched the hearts of many around the world.

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Phone: 267-642-0430


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